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Thursday, 05 May 2016

SPO Medical PulseOx 5500™

With the PulseOx 5500™ you are in control.

It has never been easier to access the essential information to successfully manage your oxygen saturation level. With our sophisticated sopt-check oximeter you can go about your daily activities with piece of mind. The PulseOx 5500™ is the world's first spot check monitor for blood oxygen saturation and heart rate to use reflectance pulse oximetry (RPO). The PulseOx 5500™ uses SPO Medical's patented technology to provide a medical device which can be used as often as needed and is less expensive to operate than any other device available.

Main Features:

  • Long-lasting battery - over 1,000 hours, using only a fraction of the power of conventional devices
  • Highly resistant to many forms of motion, reducing its susceptibility to the motion artifacts which typical pulse oximetry devices produce
  • Completely nail polish tolerant - no matter how dark the color
  • Manufactured according to environmentally friendly standards (RoHS Directive)
  • Two years manufacturer's warranty
The PulseOx 5500™ also has its own unique belt pouch (optional) that was specifically designed to store the device. The semi-rigid, soft shell construction with an easy to use zipper provides safe storage as well as wearer comfort.